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Fun Facts about New Caledonia for Kids. 264,000 people live in New Caledonia. New Caledonia has a total land mass of 7,241 square miles. Most people are Roman Catholic or Protestant. The official language is French, although several native dialects are spoken. People in New Caledonia can expect to live 77 years.

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Discover 20 interesting facts About New Caledonia, a French archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean.

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Australia-Oceania :: NEW CALEDONIA. Page last updated on June 08, 2018. The World Factbook . Australia-Oceania ::NEW CALEDONIA. Flag Description.

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New Caledonia (French: Nouvelle-Caldonie) is a special collectivity of France in the southwest Pacific Ocean, 1,210 km (750 mi) east of Australia and 20,000 .

Fun facts about the South Pacific cruise port city of Nouma, New Caledonia.

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New Caledonia Facts for Kids – 16 Interesting facts about New Caledonia that will inspire you to visit. New Caledonia is a French archipelago located in the South Pacific. The official language is French. There are also more than 30 other dialects and languages spoken including vietnamese and Polynesian languages. The series of islands are located.

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