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To the surprise of many, the slow and steady negotiations for a new German government led by Angela Merkel fell apart disastrously this week.

Germany and the Protestant Reformation Around A.D. 350, the Visigoth bishop ulfilas (wulfila) completed the first translation of the Bible into Gotisch, an early form of German, beginning the process of converting the pagan Germanic peoples to Christianity.

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The civilian government's job was. In order to prevent German overseas trade,.

Activities for e-government are well under way in Germany. Third generation services are under development and, in many cases, already available.

Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed confidence on Friday that three party groups trying to form a new German government can reach a.

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The chancellor says she's "very skeptical" of forming a minority government, something that hasn't happened in nearly 70 years. New elections.

With Germany’s new government, there are fears that years of fiscal discipline could be ending – Analysts are concerned that increasing spending, which the new government aims to do by 48 billion euro could be detrimental in the eventuality of economic shocks. Commerzbank said last week in a note.

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